Zero Waste in a Single Use World with Carol Davis

Presenter: Carol Davis
Time: 6:00 pm
Presentation Length: 35 minutes
Location: Session

More and more, the term “zero waste” is entering the lexicon. But what does that mean? Is it even possible? Carol Davis will walk you through her personal (and imperfect) journey toward a zero waste lifestyle.

Ocean Plastic

Carol Davis

Carol Davis is the Sustainability Manager for the Town of Blacksburg, Virginia. In this role, she works on a broad range of sustainability issues, including: climate mitigation, adaptation and resiliency planning; alternative transportation; land use policies that advance green building and affordable housing; local and state energy policy; aging-in-place; water quality; and stewardship of public lands. In her spare time, Ms. Davis enjoys volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, the Poverty Creek Trails Coalition, and the New River Valley Bike Kitchen. She currently serves on the boards of Sustainable Blacksburg, The New River Land Trust, the New River Valley Bike Kitchen.

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