Purposeful Simplicity with Carmen Shenk

Presenter: Carmen Shenk
Time: Watch Anytime
Presentation Length: 5 minutes
Location: Booth

When my hubby and I moved into our tiny house in 2014, I think we both expected it to be a sacrificial choice. But what opened up for us was remarkable. Purposeful simplicity gave us a long runway to get our passion projects off the ground, and that has made all the difference!

Carmen Shenk

Weary, frustrated, and frazzled, Xavier and I sold our restaurant in 2014 and bought a tiny house of 125 sq ft. We began to intentionally reduce the leeches on our energy, money, and focus. We found healing in living very simply, along with the freedom to choose the passion projects that matter most to us. We’ve each found our “One Thing”, and dramatically minimized everything else, and that has made all the difference.

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