Tiny Homes: Lessons from Living Small with Hari Berzins

Panelists: Dee Wlliams, Vina Lustado, Macy Miller
Time: 1:15 pm
Presentation Length: 45 minutes
Location: Stage

A lively conversation about tiny houses, simple living and finding the right size housing and life style.

Oregon Tiny House

Macy Miller
Mini Motives

Mother, teacher, and traveler. Macy lives off grid in her tiny house with her family in North Idaho. She prides herself on being a stubborn advocate of right-size housing and natural living.

Vina Lustado

Vina Lustado is the founder/owner Sol Haus Design, a design firm based in California. With more than 20 years in high-end corporate architecture, Vina decided to focus her career on smaller-scale projects that could make a positive difference. Staying true to her core values, Vina completed the design and construction of her Tiny House in 2013. Equipped with simple luxuries as a loft skylight and cozy fireplace, Vina has manifested her dream home in 140 square feet.

Dee Williams
Portland Alternative Dwellings

Dee Williams built her first tiny house in 2004. She went on to use her home as a platform for discussing urban infill, green building, sustainable living and minimalism. Her story has been echo’d world wide, and told through the media, in schools, city planning commissions, and other forums. Her memoire, The Big Tiny (Penguin/Random House), has sold worldwide, and Dee continues to teach and learn about how our communities can thrive in a fragile world.

Hari berzins
Panel Facilitator

Ten years ago, Hari Berzins moved to Floyd with her family of 4 to start build a mortgage-free lifestyle. They bought three acres, built a tiny house, lived in it for 4.25 years, as they built their 1400 sq. ft. house. The family now lives simply in a house that is right-sized for them.

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