The Healing Power of Growing and Using Medicinal Plants

Presenter: Maya & Ed Skopal
Time: Watch Anytime
Presentation Length:
Location: Booth

Ed & Maya with I-Tal Acres will be discussing the relatively simple and hugely empowering act of starting your own medicinal plant garden and home apothecary. They will discuss some ideal medicinal plants to start with (based on ease of cultivation, ease of harvest, and powerful remedies), and how to cultivate, harvest, use, and prepare them. They will also mention some of the herbs you can ‘wildcraft’ in your lawns, meadows, and creek sides and their folk uses. You will learn the basics of making infusions, decoctions, tinctures, and oils.

Maya & Ed Skopal
I-Tal Acres

Maya has a Master’s degree from Northern Arizona University in Health, Nutrition, Food, & Exercise. Ed has a Master’s degree from VA Tech in Political Sociology. In 2008/2009 we lived on the island of St. Martin, with the Rastafari Solidarity Organization, our first immersion in food forest and medicinal herb gardens. We have been immersed in the wilds of the Blue Ridge Mountains for the past 11 years, caretaking, learning, observing, connecting, grounding, wildcrafting, and cultivating over 100 species of medicinal plants.

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