Simplification for a Tiny Dweller with Melanie Copeland

Presenter: Melanie Copeland
Time: Watch Anytime
Presentation Length: 15 minutes
Location: Booth

Melanie will be discussing how to downsize and what it is like to live with less and become more in tune with how we think about what we buy and how it is used. As a minimalist, she works hard to help others understand the importance of what we keep in our homes and how we use it.

Melanie Copeland
Serenitas Tiny Living

Melanie is a tiny house on wheels dweller, advocate, and part time builder. She has worked to legalize parking for tiny houses and is passionate about living a life with less stuff and more experiences. Because of her simple lifestyle, she has reduced her debt, her footprint, and increased her ability to do what she loves without all the financial stress.

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