SUNDAY, APRIL 25, 2021

1:00PM TO 7:00PM

Due to rescheduling, the schedule may be subject to some changes, however, we are hearing from the majority of our presenters that they are available on the new date. 


Zach Bush M.D.

The Interconnected World


  • Falling in Love with Honeybees (Alex Tuchman, Spikenard Honeybee Sanctuary)
  • Our Forests, Our Future (Fred First, Author and Educator)
  • Feeding Yourself from Your Garden (Barbara Pleasant, Author)
  • Solar Fish: Beginning Aquaponics (Jeff & Alison Wroblewski)
  • Food Waste: Connecting the Dots (Kerry Ackerson, Plenty!)
  • Zero Waste in a Single Use World (Carol Davis, Town of Blacksburg)
  • Voices from an Organic Farm (Riverstone Organic Farm)
  • Film Maker on the Frontlines/ native perspectives (Katie Teague, Film Maker)
  • Using Your Voice to Make a Change (Citizen’s Climate Change Lobby)
  • A Passion for Eco-Justice (Delia Heck, Climate Change Reality Project)
  • 10 reasons to avoid GMOs (Institute for Responsible Technology, Jeffrey Smith)
  • Simple/Tiny living (Panel)
  • Making a Difference in Your Workplace (Panel)
  • Alternative Transportation (Panel coordinated by RIDE Solutions)


Youth & Education
  • Heart of the Child Music (Heart of the Child Music, Kari Kovick)
  • Walkin’in the Woods (Heart of the Child Music, Kari Kovick)
  • Tree planting (Tara Daystar, More Trees Please!)
  • Kids in Parks (Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation)
Simple living
  • Simplification in a Tiny Home (Carmen Shenk)
  • Tiny House Family (Hari Berzins, Tiny House Family Blogger)
  • Downsizing for You and the Environment (Melanie Copeland)
  • Downsizing and the Environment (Maria Saxton, PhD)
  • Gone Tiny (Go Tiny, Thom and Midge Stanton)
Transport & Energy
  • Introducing Solar Energy (Rick Brown of Solshine)
  • Distributed Wind (JMU Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Energy)
  • DIY Solar Power (REEVA, Mark Laity Snyder)
  • 10 Myths about Electric Vehicles (REEVA, Mark Laity Snyder)
  • Forests: Repairing the Past, Defending the Future  (Chris Bolgiano)
  • Recycling: What Difference Does it Make? (Will Sagar, SE Recycling Development Council)
  • Dying for Our Planet (Blue Ridge Green Burial)
  • Voices of outdoor enthusiasts (Austyn and Friends)
  • Water Issues (FC Extension Service)
Farming and Gardening
  • Landscaping for Better Water, Air and Wildlife (NRV Watershed Roundtable)
  • The Healing Power of Growing and Using Medicinal Plants (I-Tal Acres)
  • The Gardener and the Climate (Jane Cundiff, Educator)
  • Composting (Mark Hammas)
Sustainability in the Workplace
  • The Cooperative Model (Roanoke Food Coop, Bruce Phlegar)
  • Running an Earth Friendly Business (Red Rooster,Haden Polseno Hensley)
  • Environmental Sustainability in Healthcare  (Carilion, Sara Wohlford)
  • Seven Springs–A Friend to Farmers (Staff of Seven Springs Farm Supplies)
Voices–Bringing Meaning to Life
  • Finding Your Passion (Community Housing Partners, Janaka Casper CEO)
  • The Healing Power of the Natural World  (Apple Ridge, Peter Lewis, Founder)
  • Voices from Floyd (A Collage of Voices)
  • From the Floyd Country Store (Country Store staff and musicians)
  • Homestead Under Fire: American Farm Advocates  (Farm Aid and Dr. Charles D. Thompson
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