Our Forests, Our Future with Fred First

Presenter: Fred First
Time: Watch Anytime
Presentation Length: 15 minutes
Location: Booth

The Saddle overlook at Rocky Knob on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Floyd County Virginia provides the backdrop for an informal conversation with naturalist-author Fred First about the role that forests can play in a sustainable future. We can help forests support biodiversity by: halting local and global deforestation; managing forests for the eco-services they provide; planting trees; and cooperating to connect forest corridors.

Fred First
Goose Creek Press

Fred First is a life-long biology watcher, author, photographer and educator. He sees hope for the future if we buy, live and vote in the best interest of the natural systems that sustain us. He lives out his personal ecology in Floyd County, VA where he enjoys clouds, coffee and conversation with kindred curmudgeons.

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