Dying for the Earth with Blue Ridge Green Burial

Presenter: Kristy Ratcliff
Time: 5:30pm
Presentation Length: 50 minutes
Location: Session

We plan to show “Dying Green”, a short film documenting the Ramsey Creek Preserve in South Carolina, the first green conservation burial ground in the US . This should give people a better idea of what green burial entails. Our mission is to make green burial available in the Blue Ridge area, to conserve and restore land, promote courageous and reverent engagement with death and dying, and to provide contemplative and recreational community space.

Kristy Ratcliff
Blue Ridge Green Burial

Formed in early 2020, Blue Ridge Green Burial aims to protect and restore wild places, reduce death care’s environmental and economic impact, and build and strengthen community. We wish to support ourselves and our community to live better by embracing our mortality. Our founding Board of Trustees brings together people with a passion for land conservation, members of the Funeral Consumers Alliance, and people who wish to embrace and empower the experience of death.

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