Forests: Repairing the Past, Defending the Future with Chris Bolgiano

Presenter: Chris Bolgiano
Time: Watch Anytime
Presentation Length: 20 minutes
Location: Booth

Scientists have proven that forests allowed to grow old are our best natural solution to both climate change and biodiversity loss. But private forests continue to be logged, converted to developments, burned for energy, fragmented, roaded, lighted, and ecologically destroyed. Rising from literal ashes of the past in our own backyard is our only realistic hope for essential landscape-scale, long-term forest conservation: six million acres in eight Southern Appalachian national forests.

Chris Bolgiano

Living on 112 wooded acres in western Virginia on the border of the 1.1 million acre George Washington National Forest, mildly amusing nature writer Chris Bolgiano focuses on environmental history, forest ecology, and – most difficult of all — looking for jokes in our environmental crisis. She has written or edited six books, as well as travel and nature articles for the Washington Post and New York Times; Sierra, Audubon, Wilderness and other magazines; and syndicated op-eds for the (Chesapeake) Bay Journal News Service. Various of these books and articles have won literary prizes.

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