Film Maker on the Frontlines with Katie Teague

Speaker: Katie Teague, Interviewer: Andy Morikawa
Time: 6:35 pm
Presentation Length: 20 minutes
Location: Stage

Interview with Katie Teague, a prize-winning film maker, podcaster and visual storyteller. Katie’s an artist who explores what it means to be fully human in the midst of pandemic, climate and massive systems change. Katie joined us from her home in southern Oregon. She was born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia, where after more than thirty years away she plans to return in the next year or two.

Katie Teague

Katie Teague is a photographer, podcaster, and an award winning documentary filmmaker (Money & Life) and former Sundance grantee (99% The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film). With a Masters degree in Depth Psychology, she turned her tending of the world soul from the counseling room to the craft of visual story making. Her most recent film is “RE:MEMBER where grief and beauty co-exist.” Katie’s passion and purpose lie at the intersection of grief tending, systems change, and building inner and outer resilience for navigating the complexity and uncertain futures of these times.

Andy Morikawa
SustainFloyd Founder

Founding member of SustainFloyd Foundation. Senior Fellow at Virginia Tech Institute for Policy and Governance. Executive Director Emeritus of the Community Foundation of the New River Valley. Served as Peace Corps Volunteer in Republic of Belau, Micronesia.

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