Teenagers Take On Environmental Education (The Green Cause)

Presenter: Frida Ruiz, Bianca Palomino, Inge Terrill
Time: Watch Anytime
Presentation Length: 15 minutes
Location: Booth

Introducing The Green Cause, a student-led initiative that focuses on providing environmental educational content. This varies from lessons that are sent out to elementary and middle schools to short infographics or PSA videos posted on our social media platforms. With over 50 members, we’re excited to tell you about our journey of how we came to be and our future plans. Be sure to join if you want to see the next generation rise!

Frida Ruiz
The Green Cause Founder

Frida Ruiz is a high school senior attending the Sustainable Sciences program at Union County Vocational-Technical High School. She is the founder of a NJ-based local environmental education initiative called The Green Cause. She hopes to one day work at a renewable energy facility as an engineer.

Bianca Palomino
The Green Cause Co-Founder

Bianca Palomino is a senior at Union County Vocational-Technical Schools and has a growing passion for the environment. She has the short-term goal of educating her own community and the long-term goal of educating the nation on the crucial crisis that is the environment. Her future holds promising opportunities as she intends to study Environmental Biology to better prepare herself with the knowledge needed to make a difference in the world around her.

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