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Why Avoid GMOs? (Jeffrey Smith, Institute for Responsible Technology)

Learn why you should avoid GMOs and switch to organic today! Jeffrey Smith, Found and Executive Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology, lays out the facts in this compelling short video. You can find Jeffrey’s article with these 10 reasons listed here:… Please share this information far and …

Why Avoid GMOs? (Jeffrey Smith, Institute for Responsible Technology) Read More »

Feeding Yourself From Your Garden

Wouldn’t it be great to eat from your garden every day of the year? Barbara Pleasant will share proven strategies for stocking your own homegrown pantry, from the ground up. Start by choosing easy-to-grow crops that store themselves, and then learn simple ways to preserve your homegrown bounty.

Composting with Mark Hammas

Mark Hammas will talk about, and demonstrate,  simple and inexpensive ways to compost at home. He has special advice for dealing with bear problems!

Solar Fish: Beginning Aquaponics

In this presentation, Jeff and Alison will show pictures and video of the aquaponics system and how their solar power helps to keep it continuous and beneficial. They will also be available for a Q&A after the video.

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