Tiny House Family with Hari Berzins

Hari shares the choices she and her family made that led them to where they are today. She reflects on her time in a tiny house and how the house was part of her journey to sustainability.

Downsizing and the Environment

This presentation will discuss a research study that examined how the ecological footprints of individuals who downsized to tiny homes changed a year or more after downsizing. Footprints were compared to previous footprints in prior housing to understand behavioral changes as a result of downsizing. This research shows us some …

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Composting with Mark Hammas

Learn about inexpensive and thoughtful ways to turn your food waste back into nourishment for the soil. Mark gives ideas for low cost, efficient and bear proof composing.

Solar Fish: Beginning Aquaponics

In this presentation, Jeff and Alison will show pictures and video of the aquaponics system and how their solar power helps to keep it continuous and beneficial. They will also be available for a Q&A after the video.

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