Due to our rescheduling the schedule may be subject to some changes, however, we are hearing from the majority of our presenters that they are available on the new dates. We are also working on additional, new content.

Other Presentations
  • Voices of the Regeneration (The Outdoor Enthusiasts)
  • Ode to the Honeybee (Alex Tuchman, Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary)
  • Voices of the Young Farmers (Farmers in Floyd County)
  • Hand Made Music (Floyd Country Store)
  • Why Avoid GMOs? (Jeffrey Smith, Institute of Responsible Technology)
  • Feeding Yourself from Your Garden (Barbara Pleasant, Author)
  • Aquaponics at Home (Jeff and Alison Wroblewski)
  • Growing and Using Medicinal Herbs (Ed and Maya Skopal, I-Tal Acres)
  • Filling a Niche: Supplying Organic Growers (Seven Springs Farm Supplies)
  • A Walk in Jane Cundiff’s Garden (Gardening and the Environment (Jane Cundiff, Educator)
  • Conservation Landscaping in Southwest Virginia (Nicole Hersch, NRV Regional Commission)
  • Our Forests, Our Future (Fred First, Author)
  • Walkin’ in the Woods (Kari Kovick, Heart of the Child Music)
  • Forests: Repairing the Past, Defending the Future (Chris Bolgiano, Author)
  • Blue Ridge Green Burial: Dying for Our Planet (Kristy Ratcliff, Blue Ridge Green Burial)
  • Zero Waste in a Single Use Society (Carol Davis, Town of Blacksburg)
  • Youth Engage: Family Friendly Activities (including scavenger hunt of Floyd trails with Partnership for Floyd, Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation kids program, plant a tree with More Trees Please! and presentations from Springhouse Community School).
PLUS: The Eco Fair Expo
1:00pm to 5:00pm EST

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Other Presentations
  • Voices of Floyd (The Floyd Creative Community)
  • Film Maker on the Front Lines (Katie Teague, Film Maker)
  • The Environmental Value of Downsizing (Maria Saxton, PhD)
  • Simplification: Wisdom from a Tiny Dweller (Melanie Copeland, Serenitas Tiny Living)
  • Sustainable Housing Choices (Hari Berzins, Tiny House Family)
  • PV101 and Solar Tour (Ricardo Brown, Solshine Energy Alternatives)
  • Community Housing Partners (Janaka Casper, CHP)
  • Virginia’s 100% Clean Power Goal (Dr. Jonathan Miles and Dustyn Vallies, James Madison University)
  • Using Your Voice (Alaina Coppa, Citizens Climate Change Lobby)
  • Panel Discussion: Alternative Transportation
  • Panel: Making a Difference in the Work Place
  • Environmental Sustainability in Health Care (Sara Wohlford, Carilion Clinic)
  • Sustainability as a Business Model (Haden Polseno Hensley, Red Rooster Coffee)
  • The Cooperative Model (Bruce Phlegar, Roanoke Food Coop)
  • The Apple Ridge Farm Story (Peter Lewis, Founder Apple Ridge Farm)
  • Environmental Justice (Delia Heck, Climate Change Reality Project)
PLUS: The Eco Fair Expo

Please note: this schedule will be updated as we receive new information. More information on timing will be available soon.

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