Meet Sherrie Tippee with The Beaver Believers

Presenter: Sherrie Tippee
Time: Watch Anytime
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Sherrie Tippee shares her inspiring story of working on behalf of beavers as well as on behalf of Gaia to help both the animals and the environment they so beautifully support.

Sherrie Tippee

Sherri Tippie is a self-described “city person” who doesn’t like camping (Going to the bathroom outside? Yuk!) but is a lover of all living things. For the past two decades she has been trapping unwanted beaver in the great Denver area and relocating them to happier homes in the mountains of Colorado. Nationally recognized for her expertise in trapping and re-locating beaver, Sherrie explains how she learned her craft: “Hey, it’s not that hard. I’m a woman. I read the directions that came with the traps.” A haircutter for inmates in the Arapahoe County Jail, Sherrie claims, “my guys at the prison know more about beaver than most people with fancy degrees.” She lives in Lakewood, Colorado with her family of furry friends.

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